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Keep Digestive Issues Away With Bael From Himalaya

It’s time for Christmas and to welcome a brand new year! In short, it’s a festive season when most of us will be partying and will definitely tend to overindulge in party foods or rather unhealthy foods which may lead to digestion problems, making you uneasy. So here are a few tips for you to be healthy without disturbing your celebrations and excitements!

Locate Your Food Sensitivity

There are chances of you getting the digestive problems as a result of some food allergy or your body might be sensitive to it. Avoid some foods, such as dairy products, nuts, eggs, shellfish, and peanuts for a few days and notice the effect which will make it easier for you to locate the food sensitivity. You can also check it through medical tests.

Change Eating Habits

Unhealthy foods can burden your digestive system and can cause troubles for you. Changing the eating habits can surely improve your digestive issues:

  • Do not think of any stressful situations or things while eating

  • Avoid watching TV or texting while eating instead watch how much you eat

  • Chew the food well before you swallow it

Consider Eating Superfoods

Eat foods that have an array of essential components that are good for the health and for the digestive system such as

  • Pumpkin seeds and flaxseed can help you relieve from constipation, but it won’t for those who have diarrhea

  • Cabbage contains amino acid glutamine, which eases an inflammation of the digestive tract

  • The fish that contain Omega-3 fatty acids, Tuna, for an instance are known to be anti-inflammatory. Thus, these types of fish are recommended for intestinal inflammation problems

Exercise Regularly

Exercising can relieve you from almost every health problem! It helps digestion as your body gets some movement. Start your routine with exercising and you will soon feel the difference.

Take A Good Herbal Medicine

A good herbal medicine, such as Bael form Himalaya, can also help you relieve from indigestion and other digestion issues.

It’s an effective and powerful herbal medicine for diarrhea and dysentery. It also eases constipation and eliminates the intestinal worms. Also, as it is an herbal medicine, it has no side effects. Take this effective medicine with a healthy diet so that you will get much more effective results.

So, follow the tips discussed above and you will be amazed by the results! All the best!

natural remedies, natural cures, Herbs, alternative medicines, herbal remedies

Arjuna the natural herbal remedy for a healthy heart

There has been tremendous improvement in the field of medical science as far as the heart ailments are concerned over the years. But the mere mention of Angina pectoris and myocardial Infarction is enough to cause panic in people.

In India, the bark from the tree of Arjuna has been predominantly in use since ancient times for treating various heart ailments. Reference to this can be found in the Rig Veda where the mention of cardiac disease is made as” Hridroga”. It is cooling, Astringent and bitter in taste.

Ayurveda has always given equal importance to both the physiological and psychological importance when it comes to treating heart diseases. This is because eternal and proper heart care is very important as the human life depends on in its efficient functioning.

Many modern researches vouch on the use of the Arjuna Herbs along with modern medicine for treating various heart ailments.
Use of Terminalia Arjuna in various cardio care protocol has already begun as a practice by many cardiologists. The bark powder of Arjuna contains the co enzyme Q-10 which helps to make the heart muscles stronger.

A lot of research is being made in the modern medicine for effectively including this natural herbal remedy in the medicines prepared for heart.

In fact the day is not far when there would be a blend of the modern and ancient medicine for treating a plethora of diseases.
Arjuna from Himalaya is popularly called as heart tonic as it is rich in anti-oxidant properties.

The heart a tiny fist sized organ takes all the stress encountered by us in our everyday life. It could be either a dog chasing us or any other deadline.

The heart is the first to get the signal of stress .It immediately starts pumping blood to the limbs for a fight or flight situation. But if there is any type of congestion in the lymph system and the stress levels keep increasing, then it becomes difficult for the heart to cope with the stress.

One in five Americans suffer from cardiac diseases in the modern times due to a combination of enormous stress, high cholesterol, artery damage and poorly working lymph drainage. This is mainly due to a faulty diet of eating junk food, pollution, stress, strain hypertension and poor lifestyle such as smoking, irregular sleeping hours.

Arjuna Himalaya is an herbal supplement made from the bark of the Arjuna tree .The Arjuna benefits are as follows.

  • Lowers cholesterol and also LDL levels.

  • Relieves nervousness and mental stress.

  • Is also helpful in curing Liver cirrhosis

  • Heals wounds due to the presence of Ethanolic

  • Enhances coronary artery flow and cures ischemic heart disease.

  • Powerful antioxidant

  • Lowers hypertension

  • Protecting the DNA from toxin damage.

For anyone desiring to have a healthy and strong heart, this God’s Gift of Arjuna can be easily obtained from the Online Ayurvedic Store by searching on the internet. Consulting a registered medical practitioner before using the herbal supplement is always advisable.

natural remedies, natural cures, Herbs, alternative medicines, herbal remedies

Shigru The Natural Healing Herb for Treating Joint Pain And Aches

One of the common health issues faced by millions of people world over is that of joint pains and aches. This could be in the form of pain in the knee or twinge in the elbow. With nearly 50 million Americans alone estimated to be suffering from joint aches and pains, this problem is known to be growing at an alarming rate.

Life for a person experiencing joint pain can be quite frustrating and difficult. Even the daily activities such as walking and performing routine activities can become a hurdle. The reasons for inflamed joint pains and aches could range from any of the following:

  • Aging

  • Excessive medication

  • Auto immune disorder attacking joints and tissues.

The side effect of the modern medicine has made many people turn towards alternative treatments for treating joint pains. Herbs, herbal medicine and herbal supplement are found to be equally effective in the treatment of stiff and swollen joints including arthritis. Shigru from Himalaya is an excellent Ayurvedic medicine found to be effective in the cure of joint pains including arthritis.

What causes joint pain?

Joints are the link between two bones. They aid in bending of the elbows, knees, turning of head, bending, shaking hips and twisting fingers. The tissue of cartilage and synovium along with the synovial fluid provides cushion to the joints to prevent them from rubbing together.

The tissue of cartilage is prone to wear and tear due to aging, wrong sitting postures and overweight. The joint pain is known to occur due to the damage caused to the cartilage and joints.
Modern lifestyle being hectic, the number of people becoming couch potatoes and computer addicts is increasing day by day with hardly anyone wanting to get up and even walk.

The convenience of the modern lifestyle in the form of lifts has made people lazy to even take the stairs. In such situations, the number of people suffering from joint pains is only bound to increase.
This is where the natural herbal remedy of Shigru with the botanical name of Moringa Oleifera' has proved to be a boon.

How to overcome the joint Pain?

The most tried and tested way for overcoming joint pain is to adopt the following measures:

  • Doing weight bearing exercise to strengthen bones, ligaments and muscles.

  • Making exercise a part of the daily routine.

  • Keeping weight under check by having a controlled diet.

These above mentioned measures will go a long way in fighting arthritis and joint pain. Exercise if made a daily routine helps to lose the extra inches and maintain an ideal weight. Certain weight bearing exercises such as swimming, bicycling and aerobics are considered excellent for reducing joint aches and increasing the heart rate

The natural herbal cure of Shigru for joint pain is known to be a powerful anti-oxidant. With the properties of anti-oxidant, anti-spasmodic and anti-arthritic, the seeds of the ayurvedic herb of Shigru has been used for treating various types of Arthritis since ancient times.
Along with being an excellent Ayurvedic cure for treating Arthritis, this herbal medicine of Shigru is also known to have immune boosting properties. Being diuretic, it is known to be a perfect cure for edema.

The herb of Shigru also known as “Horse radish and drumstick” is rich in vitamin A and hence its effectiveness in treating blindness is well known. The fat soluble vitamins in this ayurvedic herb of Shigru are known to help reduce obesity.
The ayurvedic medicine of Shigru provides benefits to the modern man in multiple ways. Even the seeds, fruits, flowers of Shigru being rich in vitamins and minerals act as anti-bacterial anti-choleric and anti-viral.

With such an array of benefits the Himalaya Shigru, can be rightfully called as the perfect ancient medicine for treating the modern disease of inflamed joints.

natural remedies, natural cures, Herbs, alternative medicines, herbal remedies

Natural Herbal Cure Of Vasaka For Treating Bronchitis

Diseases are a part and parcel of our life. Though there has been tremendous improvement in the scientific field, still man has not become victorious over mortality and morbidity rate. Even after the invention of new machines and vaccines to cure the existing diseases, new diseases keep cropping up.
Man is left with no other option but to blame genes, environment and micro organisms for the newer diseases which keep emerging every other day. As a result, many people have started reverting back to nature for getting cure from various diseases. The intelligent ones believe in the age old adage “Prevention is better than cure”

Bronchitis is such one such disease which is known to affect nearly 7 million Americans. Viruses and bacteria are known to cause inflammation of the bronchial tube. The Vasaka herb is known to be an ancient cure for treating bronchitis. Known by the name of Adathoda and Vasica Malabar nut, this natural cough remedy is also an excellent cure for Asthma.

Bronchitis can be categorized as :

  • Acute

  • Chronic

Himalaya Vasaka helps cure both chronic and acute bronchitis by providing relief in cough, cold and even whopping coughs.

  • Acute Bronchitis: This type of bronchitis is known to occur suddenly and last for a few days. It is known to affect people of all ages.

  • Chronic Bronchitis: The chronic bronchitis generally lasts for a longer period of time. It is known to occur due to certain medical conditions such as Emphysema. Generally adult males are known to get more afflicted with this type of bronchitis.

Although not a life threatening disease, the symptoms of bronchitis can prevail from days to weeks. Understanding the difference between the symptoms of acute and chronic bronchitis is essential to get proper treatment for the same.

Symptoms of acute Bronchitis:

  • Fever

  • Sore throat

  • Fatigue

  • Wheezing

  • Cough accompanied with yellowish or greenish mucous

  • Burning feeling in chest.

Symptoms of Chronic Bronchitis:

  • Wheezing

  • Pale blue colored lips

  • Shortness of breath

  • Swelling of ankle, feet and leg

  • Cough with mucous

Smokers are at a greater risk for developing bronchitis in their life time. Apart from virus and bacterial infection, dust and other environmental pollution, a condition of GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease) is also known to cause bronchitis.

The antitussive, anti-inflammatory and bronchodilatory properties of Vasaka herb helps treat allergies and respiratory tract blockages. Thus, the Vasaka benefits help to normalize the entire lung function and also in keeping the lung healthy.

A little bit of life style changes accompanied with the use of the time honored Himalaya Herbal supplement of Vasaka can help keep the problem of bronchitis at bay.
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How To Improve Your Vision The Natural Way?

If you are some who has to work on the computer for longer hours or if you like watching television throughout the day, then you are likely to suffer from eye related problem sooner or later.

Even the modern trend of wearing contact lenses is known to cause eye strain in those wearing them. Opthacare herbal eye supplements are known to reduce inflammation of the eyes and provide relief from eye strain caused due to wearing of contact lenses.

Our eyes are the windows to the outside world. We need to protect and take care of them to avoid permanent damage to the eyes. In the modern world of computers, more and more people are getting afflicted with eye related disorders. How to overcome the same is a question predominant on the mind of most of the people.

Without proper vision and eye sight even daily activities can become a herculean task. The best way is to take care and preserve our eye sight. Small changes if incorporated in our daily routine for taking care of our eyes can not only protect but even improve our eyesight for life time.

Prevention is better that cure, this saying aptly applies to our eyes. The herbal eye care of Pother care eye drops helps relieve congestion, redness, and inflammation of the eyes.

Nature has endowed us with many natural herbs for improving our eyesight.

• Amalaki
• Haridra,
• Karpoora
• Madhu ,
• Satapatri
• Vibhitaki
• Vishnu Priya
• Yavani

are some of the well-known herbs in Ayurveda which have been used since time immemorial for improving eye sight and treating eye related disorders and also relief in case of eye strain.

This natural herbal remedy of Ayurveda made using the same ancient herbs is available for the benefit of the modern man in the form of Himalaya Optha care. This herbal eye care in the form of eye drops provides cure to the eyes from the damage caused to the atmospheric pollution.

Factors causing eye problems in individuals:

  • A longer hour of sitting in front of the computer is bound to strain the eyes.

  • Forgetting to blink often: Blinking is essential to lubricate the eyes and failure to do so is enough to cause eye problems.

  • Not sitting in an upright position: This strains the neck muscles and also the eyes. Adjusting the monitor properly to suit one’s height and sitting in an upright position helps to avoid straining the eyes.

  • Not having a screen protector: The glare of the monitor is enough to cause eye strain. Shifting the monitor often to avoid the glare of the sun or using a screen protector is the best way to solve the problem.

Palming the eyes and doing eye exercises are some of the natural ways to provide relief to the strained eyes. Regular use of the herbal cure of opthacare from online ayurvedic store is also another natural way to protect the eyes from the various eye related disorder occurring due to lifestyle changes.

Meditation and focusing at one point for longer hours even helps to relieve eye strain. Instead of going for expensive medication costing a fortune, small steps taken in the right direction such as use of ayurvedic medicine of optha care would go a long way in not only saving money but even the physical trauma. Why not give it a try?

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Choose Herbs Cure OF Himalaya Confido For Improving Male Sexual Health

Want to please your partner in bed but unable to do so? The reasons could range from pre mature ejaculation, impotence, lack of good physical health, low levels of male hormones such as testosterone to get proper erection including intake of certain drugs causing erectile dysfunction.

But out of all the above, premature ejaculation is a very common sexual problem encountered by at least 1 out of 3 men the world over. Many youngsters due to their stressful life and hectic schedules experience fatigue and face failure in their sexual encounters. This sometimes may lead to deep psychological impact hampering their life forever.

Confido the herbal medicine in treatment of Premature Ejaculation can be rightly called as medicine of the modern times. This herbal remedy helps to brings back the virility in men and makes sexual experience a joy full one.

Most men feel embarrassed to discuss the problem of premature ejaculation with others. While in reality it is easily treatable. Generally men under the age of 40 are more prone to the problem of Premature Ejaculation (PE).

Conventional treatments include counseling, medication and adopting techniques as therapies for cure of premature Ejaculation and other male sexual health issues. Certain herbs are also known to be of great help in countering the problem of sexual health in men.

Ashwagandha and many other herbs such, Vriddhadaru, Gokshura, Kokilaksha , Jeevanti , Kapikacchu ,Sarpagandha, Svarnavanga, Shaileyam, Vanya kahuare known to improve the sexual health of men.

Their use has been in practice since long in Ayurveda .The benefits of the herbal remedies for male sexual health is now available in the form of Confido from Himalaya.

The problem of Premature Ejaculation experienced by men can be categorized in to two types:

  • Lifelong or Eternal-This kind of Premature Ejaculation is experienced by the patients since their first or initial coitus.

  • Anxiety and Psychological factors with a few traumatic encounters are responsible for lifelong premature ejaculation.
  • Acquired; in this the patients has been able to have successful coital relationships and is facing problem only recently.

  • Current and previous relationship, impotency involvement with partner, and various other factors contribute for Acquired Premature Ejaculation in men.
Premature Ejaculation has been diagnosed to be more of a psychological problem than a physical one. Hence consuming Himalaya Confido would prove to be highly beneficial as it enables higher secretion of hormones by working on the pleasure activity area of the brain.

The herbal supplements for premature ejaculation completely de stresses the individual thus enhancing the pleasure during copulation. Being available online, the online Confido can be procured sitting in any corner of the world.

Bring the thrill back in to your life by using the natural herbal cure of Confido. Your partner will start loving you all the more.

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Speman- Natural Herbal Remedy For Improving The Male Reproductive Health

Infertility is a grave issue faced by millions of couples the world over .Sperms play an important role in male fertility and the reason for infertility could be any of the following.:

  • Low sperm count

  • Lack of sperm

  • Low motility of sperm

  • Bad quality of sperm

Out of the above, low sperm count has been found to be the major cause of infertility world over.

Nature has provided a solution to man's problem of fertility in the form of Speman.

The regular consumption of Speman from Himalaya is known to increase sperm count and thus reduce male Infertility.

Many factors are responsible for male sexual health problems .The physical and mental causes mentioned below would throw light on the same.

  • Age of the person: The age of a person plays a key role in deciding the sperm count. Men below the age group of 40 are known to have better quality and quantity of sperm count as compared to men above 40 years.

  • Stress: Stress both physical and mental is known to cause a reduction in the generation of sperm count and thus affect the conception of offspring.

  • Smoking: It is known to bring about genetic changes resulting in low sperm count and fertility.

  • Lack of nutrition: Vitamin and other nutritional deficiencies such as Folate and Zinc could also increase the risk of low sperm count.

  • Obesity: The association between obesity and low sperm count is also found to be very high.

  • Genetic factors are also known to be highly responsible for causing inherited infertility in men.

Apart from the physiological and mental causes, many environmental factors, exposure to radiation and even heavy metals are also known to cause a reduction in the semen level.

The male sexual health herbal remedies of Speman Himalaya are known to correct such disorders caused due to various hazards and increase the sperm count.

Himalaya Speman is an effective herbal remedy in male infertility as it contributes to increase the male sexual health and vigor.

The following Ayurvedic herbs used in the preparation of Speman helps to solve the problem of Oligospermia,

  • Kokilaksha

  • Shaileyam

  • Vanya kahu

  • Vriddhadaru

  • Ashvagandh

  • Gokshura

  • Jeevanti

  • Kapikacchu

Speman being high in anti-oxidant, it acts as an oxidative damage preventing shield to sperm thus reducing the disruption of spermatozoa membrane.

For all the childless couple in the world who want to experience the bliss of parenthood, the solution lies in taking a tablet of Speman Himalaya Herbals

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For A Youthful Look Try Himalaya Herbal Anti-Aging Cream

Are you of the opinion that by eating healthy foods and exercising regularly you can maintain your youthful look for ever? You are no doubt right.

One thing which you cannot deny is that the stress and toll of the daily grind is bound to make you look beyond your years and cause wrinkles and fine lines on your face.

You many have tried various expensive creams and lotions advertised promising to give you a youthful look and soothes fine lines but with no result.

The sensible thing would be to rely on nature for this .Nature has provided us with certain useful herbs for maintaining an evergreen and youthful look throughout our life without spending too much money. In fact if we refer history, since ages, people have used only herbs for winkle treatment.

The herbal winkle treatment provided by nature is rich in anti-oxidants .Their regular use not only helps to fight but even reverse ageing. This herbal remedy for wrinkles from nature is now available in the name of Himalaya anti-wrinkle cream. It helps delay aging signs and promotes youthful look.

The benefits of Anti winkle cream have to be used to be believed. Compared to many expensive lotions and cream available in the market which come with lots of side effects, the cheapest herbal anti-wrinkle cream from Himalaya does not have any side effects.

The herbal Anti-wrinkle cream is made using the herbs of Draksha, Kumari. Jambira, Masura and Yasti. The application of this Anti-aging cream is also very simple. Just wash the face thoroughly and apply the anti-aging cream all over the face and wait for the results. People will start complementing you for your youthful look soon.

Apart from treating wrinkles, the benefits of the anti-wrinkle cream can be seen in the removal of sun tan, lightening of the skin and making the skin supple and firm. This Himalaya herbal supplement helps to moisturize and nourish the skin as it contains grape extract in it.

Continuous use of this home remedy has a calming, soothing and cooling effect on the skin due to the presence of sandalwood and Red poppy as one of the ingredients.

For having a blemish free, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging skin try using the nature’s gift of Anti-wrinkle Cream Himalaya.
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Try Shatavari For All Women Centric Health Problems

If you are a women undergoing any of the female centric health problems such as

  • Infertility,

  • Miscarriage,

  • Blood loss during menstruation

  • or
  • any other PMS syndrome

And feels it odd to discuss with anybody, then you should try taking Shatavari from Himalaya.
Even for men facing fertility problem such as loss of libido taking the medicine made using Shatavari herbs helps to overcome the same.

Shatavari (Asparagus Racemasus) an ancient herb, sweet and bitter in taste is native to India. It belongs to the same family as Asparagus.

Its cooling properties are helpful in treating an overheated body and mind.

Apart from this the Himalaya Shatavari has also been used to treat following other ailments such as :

Inflammation of the urinary tract

  • Indigestion,

  • Heart burn

  • Diarrhea

  • Inflammation of the urinary tract

  • Irritable bowel syndrome,

The Sanskrit meaning of Shatavari signifies “She who possess a hundred husbands”

Ayurvedic practitioners in Indian are known to have used this miracle herb for treating various issues relating to fertility in men and women.
The Sanskrit meaning of Shatavari signifies “She who possess a hundred husbands”
Ayurvedic practitioners in Indian are known to have used this miracle herb for treating various issues relating to fertility in men and women.
The Himalaya Shatavari acts as women tonic and not only improves the fertility and provides relief from Menopause but has many other health benefits such as

  • Increasing the breast milk of lactating mothers.

  • And also for strengthening the immune system by removing toxins from the body.

But modern research has not made many great advances in the above areas in understanding this benefit of Shatavari herb.
The herb of Shatavari is known to be high in anti-oxidant and hence

You can consume it as a juice or in a powdered form by mixing with your regular food or beverage.

For the benefit of millions of people world over, the Himalaya company has made available this wonderful herb in the form of capsules.
Each bottle of Shatavari contains 60 capsules and this can become yours if you log on to the internet and search Online Herbs.

Rare cases of stomach upset and diarrhea have been reported from the use of this herb, hence consulting a medical practitioner before the use of this herb is always advisable.

Why should you undergo silent suffering when the herb of Shatavari with so many health benefits is just a call away?
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Cough cure with natural herbal remedy of Vasaka.

Are you experiencing a tickle in your throat? Do you suffer from persistent cough which is disrupting your sleep at night, makes you remain absent from your work for many days, affecting your daily routine.

You must have tried all home remedies from ginger, garlic to honey but with little or no result. Do not worry you are not alone. Almost half of the people in the world seek medical help in winter to get a cure from the illness of respiratory tract disorder.

Cough can be broadly categorized in to wet and dry cough:

Dry cough:
It is mainly caused because of the viral infections in the nose and throat. It is generally seen without phlegm and mucus formation. A person suffering from the same feels as if there is something struck in his throat.

Wet Cough: It is generally accompanied with lot of phlegm and mucus formation, A person may even experience headache, fever and body pain along with it.

Factors causing cough:

Many factors are responsible for inducing cough in people such as viruses, dust, bacteria, pollen or any other foreign particles.

These factors eventually irritate the respiratory tract making us cough. In short, Cough can be interpreted as a way of reacting and providing protection by our body to a disease.

It is a way of working of our body’s natural defense mechanism to throw out the unwanted excessive liquid and water and cleanse the bronchi as well as the airway passage.

Treatment for cough:

You don’t have to go for serious medication for the harmless cough. Medical treatment need to be taken only if there is a persistent cough accompanied with other serious viral infection or alarming symptoms.

If home remedies fail to treat cough and cold, one can try the alternative medication of herbal remedies which are equally effective in treating ordinary cold and cough including asthma and that too without side effects.

The herbal medicine of Vasaka Himalaya acts as a natural cough remedy providing great relief from cough and cold thus keeping the lung healthy.

This natural cough remedy acts as an anti-inflammatory , bronchodilator thus thinning the mucus helping to expel it easily from the lung., It is also antitussive and helps clears the air passage

This Ayurvedic herb of Vasaka from Himalaya is also known by the name of “Malabar Nut Tree” or Adathoda Vasica. Each dosage of Vasaka contains 250 mg of this wonderful herb. A single capsule is enough to keep your lung performing normally.

Apart from being a cure for respiratory diseases such as cough, cold, whooping cough, pulmonary infections and tuberculosis, this natural herbal remedy has proved to be effective against asthma.

This Ayurvedic Medicine can be easily procured online from Online Ayurvedic store by typing Vasaka Himalaya Online.

With winter at its peak, do not make your life miserable by suffering from cold, instead try Vasaka from Himalaya and enjoy the winter.

Avail the New Year Offer on Herbal Products and get the New Year Gift for Good Health.