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Cough cure with natural herbal remedy of Vasaka.

Are you experiencing a tickle in your throat? Do you suffer from persistent cough which is disrupting your sleep at night, makes you remain absent from your work for many days, affecting your daily routine.

You must have tried all home remedies from ginger, garlic to honey but with little or no result. Do not worry you are not alone. Almost half of the people in the world seek medical help in winter to get a cure from the illness of respiratory tract disorder.

Cough can be broadly categorized in to wet and dry cough:

Dry cough:
It is mainly caused because of the viral infections in the nose and throat. It is generally seen without phlegm and mucus formation. A person suffering from the same feels as if there is something struck in his throat.

Wet Cough: It is generally accompanied with lot of phlegm and mucus formation, A person may even experience headache, fever and body pain along with it.

Factors causing cough:

Many factors are responsible for inducing cough in people such as viruses, dust, bacteria, pollen or any other foreign particles.

These factors eventually irritate the respiratory tract making us cough. In short, Cough can be interpreted as a way of reacting and providing protection by our body to a disease.

It is a way of working of our body’s natural defense mechanism to throw out the unwanted excessive liquid and water and cleanse the bronchi as well as the airway passage.

Treatment for cough:

You don’t have to go for serious medication for the harmless cough. Medical treatment need to be taken only if there is a persistent cough accompanied with other serious viral infection or alarming symptoms.

If home remedies fail to treat cough and cold, one can try the alternative medication of herbal remedies which are equally effective in treating ordinary cold and cough including asthma and that too without side effects.

The herbal medicine of Vasaka Himalaya acts as a natural cough remedy providing great relief from cough and cold thus keeping the lung healthy.

This natural cough remedy acts as an anti-inflammatory , bronchodilator thus thinning the mucus helping to expel it easily from the lung., It is also antitussive and helps clears the air passage

This Ayurvedic herb of Vasaka from Himalaya is also known by the name of “Malabar Nut Tree” or Adathoda Vasica. Each dosage of Vasaka contains 250 mg of this wonderful herb. A single capsule is enough to keep your lung performing normally.

Apart from being a cure for respiratory diseases such as cough, cold, whooping cough, pulmonary infections and tuberculosis, this natural herbal remedy has proved to be effective against asthma.

This Ayurvedic Medicine can be easily procured online from Online Ayurvedic store by typing Vasaka Himalaya Online.

With winter at its peak, do not make your life miserable by suffering from cold, instead try Vasaka from Himalaya and enjoy the winter.

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