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Speman- Natural Herbal Remedy For Improving The Male Reproductive Health

Infertility is a grave issue faced by millions of couples the world over .Sperms play an important role in male fertility and the reason for infertility could be any of the following.:

  • Low sperm count

  • Lack of sperm

  • Low motility of sperm

  • Bad quality of sperm

Out of the above, low sperm count has been found to be the major cause of infertility world over.

Nature has provided a solution to man's problem of fertility in the form of Speman.

The regular consumption of Speman from Himalaya is known to increase sperm count and thus reduce male Infertility.

Many factors are responsible for male sexual health problems .The physical and mental causes mentioned below would throw light on the same.

  • Age of the person: The age of a person plays a key role in deciding the sperm count. Men below the age group of 40 are known to have better quality and quantity of sperm count as compared to men above 40 years.

  • Stress: Stress both physical and mental is known to cause a reduction in the generation of sperm count and thus affect the conception of offspring.

  • Smoking: It is known to bring about genetic changes resulting in low sperm count and fertility.

  • Lack of nutrition: Vitamin and other nutritional deficiencies such as Folate and Zinc could also increase the risk of low sperm count.

  • Obesity: The association between obesity and low sperm count is also found to be very high.

  • Genetic factors are also known to be highly responsible for causing inherited infertility in men.

Apart from the physiological and mental causes, many environmental factors, exposure to radiation and even heavy metals are also known to cause a reduction in the semen level.

The male sexual health herbal remedies of Speman Himalaya are known to correct such disorders caused due to various hazards and increase the sperm count.

Himalaya Speman is an effective herbal remedy in male infertility as it contributes to increase the male sexual health and vigor.

The following Ayurvedic herbs used in the preparation of Speman helps to solve the problem of Oligospermia,

  • Kokilaksha

  • Shaileyam

  • Vanya kahu

  • Vriddhadaru

  • Ashvagandh

  • Gokshura

  • Jeevanti

  • Kapikacchu

Speman being high in anti-oxidant, it acts as an oxidative damage preventing shield to sperm thus reducing the disruption of spermatozoa membrane.

For all the childless couple in the world who want to experience the bliss of parenthood, the solution lies in taking a tablet of Speman Himalaya Herbals